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I specialize in customizing WordPress websites for hagwons (academies) with an extensive reading component called “Learning With Texts” as well as all kinds of printed materials and logo design or modification. I know a good number of print shops in Jeonju and online, so I can also help you get your designs printed if desired.

  • Don’t see what you need? I also do t-shirts, PowerPoint templates, and other things.

  • One of the requests I get most often is to create some very distinct looking business cards. Check out some of my best designs here.

  • Beginning with the annual One Accord events in 2011, I’ve grown my abilities with multiple branded events.

  • I’ve been using WordPress since 2011, and building custom Themes since 2012. Now, I focus on customizing WordPress websites for clients. Read More →

  • I specialize in Print Design as Adobe InDesign is my favorite program in the Adobe suite. It’s one of the first Adobe programs I learned, and the one I have the most extensive training in.

  • Your logo is a distinct part of the brand your present to the world. It needs to stand out yet be simple, memorable, and iconic.

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About: Combining Korean and Western Design

I’m currently a student at Full Sail University in the MDMFA program (Media Design Master’s of Fine Arts). This blog is a place for me to express my thoughts and write about what I’m learning as I go through this program. Hopefully, it will help others learn and think more about design. But, I will not post any Full Sail teaching materials or assignments as that would hinder both them as institution and me as student and graphic designer.

I live in Jeonju, South Korea where I teach English to university students at Jeonju University. I’ve lived in Korea for 4 years, and recently married my Korea sweetheart. I plan to stay here for a long time and hope to get a job in a design firm, or as an in-house designer for a company in Korea (but I’ll need to brush up on my language skills first). I’ve been doing a good deal of freelance design for various clients in Jeonju and abroad. I’ll post my full (updated) portfolio later at www.aaronsnowberger.com.

I’m additionally a Christian and teach at a Christian university. Therefore, I’ve been commissioned for church design work more than anything else. It’s becoming something of a specialty for me, although I hope to focus more closely on Korean design in the future.

It is my dream and passion to combine English and Western design with the beauty of the Korean alphabet and Eastern design.
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