Jeonju House of Prayer Business Cards

For the JHOP business cards, I wanted to do something a bit more unique than the typical business card. So I did some searching on the Internet for “unique business cards”  and came up with the following ideas for this one:

  1. A vertical card
  2. One side black, one side white
  3. Pull an element from the logo (the flame) out and set it huge and semi-transparent against the background on the front of the card
  4. Display part of the logo (the house) on the back of the card along with the contact info

First Design


As you can see above, on the first design, the logo was a bit too small and didn’t look spaced and positioned quite right on the card. So I enlarged the white outline as well as the logo for the second set of cards to print (Post featured image above).

Additionally, I had designed the cards in InDesign first, then transferred them over to Illustrator for the print shop, but somehow they ended up printing the semi-transparent hidden InDesign layer along with the main Illustrator design. It did give the back of the cards a unique effect although that wasn’t the original intention.

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